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Alabama Style or “Roll Tide”  Biscuits

This biscuit making technique had been taught to me by my former mother in law, who also learned from her mother.  Thank you Sharon for passing the old style down to me.

1 Large bowl

Approx 2 ½ -3 cups of self rising flour

A “palm-full” of vegetable shortening, “just reach in and grab you a handful of grease”

A Tall glass of your choice of Milk, buttermilk, and even water can be used (App.20 -25 oz.)

Greased cookie sheet

Ok, here’s the thing with these bisquits, you do not make these with anything but your hands. They literally are “hand made”. First you take your large bowl and dump in your flour, it doesn’t have to be measured exactly because you shouldn’t use all of it anyway.  After the flour is in you want to reach in the shortening and dip out approximately a palmful and place directly in the mound of flour, bring glass of liquid near and start to mix together the flour and shortening with your hand, do not mix all the way around the bowl, but instead work from the inside of the flour out, gradually pour in the liquid and work the flour and shortening together with your hand in the center of the bowl picking flour up along the way by moving your hand in a small circular motion, keep repeating this until you have a mound of dough around 2 cups and it is  smooth consistency. You should still have a small amount of flour in the bottom of your bowl. Pinch off ping pong ball size lumps and shape into disks and place in cookie sheet. Using flour to dust with.

Brush tops of bisquits with milk or water before placing in the oven.

Bake at 400 for 12 min or so or until golden.

I hope I explained how to make these in a way you can visualize and understand, it’s the only way I knew how without just showing you.  Enjoy!